The Power Of Kneeling

As the 36th overall pick to the San Francisco 49ers, Colin Kaepernick was set to be a dominant NFL QB. Colin Kaepernick had the dream life, an NFL QB, a multi-million dollar contract, a young player, playing on a very dominant team; why would you ever throw that away. On September 1, 2016 Colin Kaepernick, after 6 years in the league, in the 49er final preseason game decided to kneel during the national anthem. Who knew such a small gesture would make such a large ripple in sports and politics forever. Kaepernick threw away his shot at being the dominant NFL Quarterback that he could be, to stand up for what he believed was right. Although kaepernick in my view is more then qualified to be an NFL Quarterback, no team has signed him since 2017. Although Kaepernick had the right to stand up for what he believes in, conversely, NFL teams have the right not to sign him. Since Kaepernick has made one of the largest controversies in sports signing him on your team could prove to be either very good or very bad. A New York Times article states “Kaepernick has talked to some teams but has not been invited to work out with them, and he has not been offered a new contract. Some team officials have quietly suggested that Kaepernick’s best years are behind him, while others said they did not want to sign him to serve as a backup.” I believe that if Kaepernick did not have so much controversy surrounding him he would be a top quarterback in the NFL. In just his second year of playing in the NFL he led the 49ers to a Super Bowl. Kaepernick does believe that NFL teams are conspiring against him, which is a reasonable thought. Although Kaepernick would be a PR disaster he deserves the chance to play in the NFL but a team needs to give him a chance. According to BBC sport “The ex-San Francisco 49ers quarterback believes owners are conspiring not to hire him because of his protests against racial injustice in the USA.” Kaepernick does not think he is getting a fair opportunity at being a professional because he stood up for what he believes in. Although Kaepernick has the right to argue that he is not receiving fair treatment from the league Teams have the right not to hire him. Kaepernick knew that by kneeling during the national anthem there was an inherent danger in losing his job. Kaepernick then proceeded to take that risk and it landed him in a bad spot. Kaepernick, now 30, has most of his glory days behind him. He did recently sign an endorsement with Nike which was seen as extremely controversial. After signing him Nike observed an increase in sales which really gives an insight towards how the American people view this situation. Since Kaepernick first kneeled, many NFL players have done so. In almost every NFL game you watch now, you can observe players on both teams kneeling while the anthem plays. This brings up one big question: Should the world of politics be immersed in the sports community? Although Kaepernick stood up for what he believed in, he did it in a society and a community that would not reward him for that. Because of the risk he took he not only created a change in sports forever but affected the Nation both for better and for worse.