New England is a group of states, much like a family, that many people call home. Early colonists and settlers fought a series of battles and wars to establish a homeland that would allow them to live out their values of freedom and liberty. Pioneers clear cut the forests, plowed the fields, started new governments, and left home to fight in the civil war. Those New Englanders didn’t fight in the civil war because they thought the south would take their land, they fought because their ideals and morals were not upheld, they fought because their government told them to. But what happens when the government no longer upholds the values and morals of its people? According to Alex Gilbert, the Chairman of the New England Independence Campaign, the people revolt, and, in the case of New England, the people create an independent country.

From the waves of Long Island Sound, to the small farming community of Presque Isle Maine, New England boasts amazing schools, hospitals, nature, and economic opportunity. However, our 62,688.4 square miles of land is controlled and harassed by a government other than our own, the feds. Alex Gilbert had some thoughts on this; “We are tired of seeing the progress of hundreds of years be flushed away by administrations that treat the constitution as a bible so that they may mend it to their own advantages; and most of all we are tired of the corruption that plagues the United States to its core.” Alex believes that it is once again time, for the people of New England to rise up against a corrupt government, and carve out a new nation for ourselves. He isn’t alone. People like “Matthew Harper, Assemblyman of California's 74th district, Darrell Castle, the Constitution party's nominee for president in 2016, Matt Harrington, Representative of Maine's 19th district, and Adam Kokesh” (Alex Gilbert), have all shown support for NExit.

According to Gilbert, the proposed flag of the newly founded, New England, or, New New England, as some call it, would be no different from the current New England flag, except for the removal of the cross. As religious belief is diverse in New England, the founding, American value, that church and state should be separate is an integral part of the flag, and an integral part of the proposed nation.

This isn’t the first time the people of New England had separatist thoughts. After the war of 1812, numerous colonial forces convened in Connecticut to discuss whether or not New England should and could succeed from the rest of the states. After much discussion, the northern representatives decided to stay in union with the U.S.

There is much work to be done before New England can succeed from the U.S, but the spark that might one day light a flame has already appeared.

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