How Lebron James has Created a Lasting Impact on This Country

Ever since sports have become a focal point in American culture, athletes have used their presence to spread awareness about political topics. One of the most influential athletes in American history is arguably Lebron James. James is the world's best basketball player, which makes his off court presence something that cannot be matched by others. In July of 2018, Lebron James opened up his own school for children at risk in his home city of Akron, Ohio. His I Promise school has created many ripple effects throughout the community and throughout the country. James himself did not grow up in an economically stable situation and used basketball as a way to escape. After he became the star that he is today, he realized that not everyone will be able to make it out of impoverished places. He felt like he needed to invest into creating brighter futures for kids in need. Not only has James helped out his local community in Ohio, but also he has spoken out against social injustice throughout the country.

Most recently, Lebron spoke out against President Trump from issues such as race to sports. In February of 2018, after James had spoken out about President Trump, Fox News host Laura Ingraham replied saying “Shut up and dribble.” Although Lebron could have fought back over social media, he instead decided to just focus on his game and ignore the words of others. In an Interview later on that year Lebron said to a Sports Illustrated reporter “that when you see something that’s unjust or you see something that’s wrong, see something that’s trying to divide us as a race or as a country, I feel like my voice can be heard and speak volumes.” Lebron understands that he has one of the biggest platforms on both social media and on the globe. He knows that if there is something that is not right he must speak out about it. He has so many children and adults looking up to what he does and viewing him as a role model, that he must show them to always do what they believe in. At the end of the Sports Illustrated interview Lebron finished by saying “By using my voice and letting the youth know and the people that need guidance know that I care for them, I’ll be their voice. It’s passionate for me because sports is just the ultimate to bring people together.”

Lebron knows that sports bring the American people together. You can be black, white, republican, democrat, but you all can unite under a common passion. Sports are something that brings people together during times of adversity, and Lebron wants to utilize sports to help the growth of this country. As long as athletes like Lebron and others stand up for what they believe in, this country has a bright future ahead of it.