The Hawker: 10/9/17

Slant is committed to presenting a wide range of views on pertinent domestic and global issues, so, we are starting a new series to share articles published in the last week from a broad range of publications. "The Hawker" is intended to keep our readers informed on various issues and to expose our readers to viewpoints previously unbeknownst to them.

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Foreign Affairs, “How Madrid Should Address the Catalonia Crisis,” 10/6/17

The Economist, “Out of the Traps: Emerging markets are up and running,” 10/7/17

The Atlantic, “It’s What Bob Corker Does Next That Counts,” 10/8/17

The National Review, “The Gun-Ban Fetish,” 10/8/17

The New York Times, “Inside North Korea, and Feeling the Drums of War,” 10/5/17

FiveThirtyEight, “Decertifying The Iran Deal Would Probably Be Mostly Symbolic,” 10/9/17

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