May 25, 2017

Today is temporary but, as we know, the Internet is permanent. This moment in Milton history will never be replicated, nor the words or feelings shared, and yet this exact environment is teeming with experiences and opportunities worth more than classroom education. If you disagree with anything being said or done at Milton or anywhere in the world, you owe it to our community to share your feelings and ideally, solutions. The future of our school requires an archive of these thoughts to progress forward productively.

We originally planned this launch for Monday, not anticipating this week’s events that continue to unfold. But the infectious and exhausting and strong energy on campus only further reaffirms our message. Thus, from the storm of a community filled with powerful people and voices, we are happy to introduce Slant to Milton Academy.

Dear Milton,

Everyone has opinions. In this increasingly interconnected world, it is difficult to remain unaffected by events unfolding around us in our own community and around the globe. We are Slant, the web-based publication platform that offers Milton students from all backgrounds the opportunity to discuss the issues that impact our lives, and to take the time for processing all voices in our community.

Here’s how we work: Firstly, we have the traditional publication where we offer writers and community members alike to write formal opinion articles on events happening outside of Milton. This serves to force thinking out of our bubble and explore the similarities between our experiences and global situations. Milton students have the energy and ideas to change the world, but we can’t create solutions without knowledge about and inspiration from our surroundings. At certain momentous times, we will open a section dedicated to current events unravelling within our Milton community.

Secondly, aligning intent and impact is tough sometimes; words need to be phrased carefully, and sometimes we wish we could edit ourselves before speaking. To facilitate engaging new voices in the student journalism community, we invite students from all writing experience and talent to submit pieces and to work with Slant editors to help determine the direction of the publication.

We are also currently developing a platform called The Forum to feature instant and visible community discussion across a variety of topics (like social media except with lightly-moderated categories and without all the pettiness). Unlike meetings that must come to a close and emails that will be lost in inboxes, The Forum will keep a living record of the tension and momentum within the Milton community.

Let’s elevate opinion and discussion to a new level.

We look forward to engaging with you.


The Slant Editorial Board